Structured Study Design intilaris Structured Study Design Framework Bridging Clinical Science and Clinical Operations

Clinical Development. Optimized.

intilaris LifeSciences bridges Clinical Science and Operations through optimal processes.

Clinical Development Standards

Unleash the expertise of your organization and apply the Clinical development Standards in all Clinical Studies. Faster development, lower costs and higher feasibility.
Bring your Clinical development Standards utilization on the next level and enable the standards-driven clinical development. Such an enablement requires that the medical standards are well defined, linked and interoperable between the clinical development processes.

Structured Protocols

Standardized and executable protocols. Our contribution to your insights in the efficacy and safety of your compound.
Structured study design implemented through an enhanced study concept, will enable your organization to kick-off downstream processes as early on as possible. Serve the protocol specification needs to the whole organization from centralized location and produce the standardized clinical protocol documents in the process.

Implementation Partner

intilaris specializes in optimizing clinical development through optimizing integration of the business processes and the technology.
intilaris LifeSciences is the only independent consultancy that has relevant experiences and references to provide guidance to the Quantum MDR and Medidata Designer customers, beyond the system providers. We can accelerate the introduction of the optimized processes through our system-specific methodology and business performance qualification.